The Southern Spectral Series

Series: The Southern Spectral Series


When thirty-five-year-old New Orleans detective Brenda Shapira discovers a murder victim in the historic Garden District, she realizes it is no ordinary case. The stakes are higher and the mystery is more thrilling.

As more bodies pile up, the evidence points to a seemingly impossible conclusion: the killer may be Thomas Carpenter -- who died in 1878, a full century before the murders were committed.

Could Carpenter really have found a way to return and seek vengeance against those he feels wronged him?

But as Shapira and her partner unravel the long-ago mystery steeped in New Orleans history and the yellow fever epidemic, Brenda discovers she may be Carpenter's next target.

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In 1979 New Orleans, detective Roy Agnew is thrown into another murder investigation. Re-entering the world of the supernatural, he realizes that he may be the only person able to stop a killer. In order to catch a paranormal murderer, Roy must rely on the one thing he struggles with the most: his faith. More info →
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