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Interview with Author, Lori Rader-Day

Like a lot of wonderful Authors, I met Lori Rader-Day through various friends on Facebook. And this is why I love social media. It exposes me to so many lovely people who I might not meet otherwise. I read Day’s debut novel, The Black Hour (Seventh Street Books, 2014), and fell in love. For some […]

Interview with Author, Kimberly Brock

I first met Kimberly Brock through my favorite independent bookstore, FoxTale Books, in Woodstock, Georgia. We were both there to support another Author and I came across her debut novel, THE RIVER WITCH. The cover alone was beautiful and as I read her book, I understood why she won the “Georgia Author of the Year […]

Interview with Author, Barbara Davis

Barbara Davis is yet another one of those amazing North Carolina Authors (in the same camp as both Barbara Claypole White and Jason Mott). Her debut novel, THE SECRETS SHE CARRIED, was riveting and so wonderfully written that I found myself saying out loud, “My gosh. What a beautiful book!” And I was alone. On […]

Interview with Author, Rebecca Kanner

I admire Rebecca Kanner on many levels: her wit, intellect, grace, talent and her bravado for writing a novel that reimagines the story of Noah. This is not only a story about Noah…but about Noah’s Wife…a woman essentially left out of Biblical history.  SINNERS AND THE SEA is a beautiful novel filled with intensity and […]

Interview with Author, Barbara Claypole White

I am so pleased in presenting my interview with Barbara Claypole White, another wonderful and talented Author from North Carolina. I read THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR a few months ago and fell in love. There is so much going on in this novel and I couldn’t wait to encourage others to read it. Thank you, Barbara, for the interview […]

Interview with Author, Jenny Milchman

I first heard about Jenny Milchman at last year’s Thrillerfest Conference in New York. Although, I was unable to meet her in person at that time, I was fascinated with her debut, COVER OF SNOW, and her long road to publication. I’m excited that I will finally be meeting her at this year’s Thrillerfest. Not only is Jenny […]