Ordering information for Indie Book stores

Abookstorere you an Independent book store owner or reader? Do you want to see The Feathers carried at your local bookstore? We do too! Here’s how you can obtain my debut novel or have your bookstore carry it within their collection.

Piscataqua Press is happy to help in this endeavor. The book is  carried at full discount by Ingram, or with full discount, 60 days dating, and returnability directly from RiverRun Bookstore.  Contact them for more information.  info@riverrunbookstore.com 603-431-2100

IndieBound is also an excellent place to locate a copy of The Feathers in your local bookstore. If they don’t have it, ask them to carry it! They can order copies from here as well.

Overseas? Look no further than The Book Depository which offers free shipping!

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